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A local RICS Qualified Chartered Building Surveyor for Stanmore, London.
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Whether you’re buying a new home, on the hunt for a commercial property or want expert, tailored advice in the Stanmore area, Right Surveyors Stanmore are here for you.

The right survey by a qualified Chartered Surveyor can help you make that final decision on a property and can even drive down the purchase price, should there be defects in the property. Our local Director and building surveyor Miles Strong MRICS offers the best building surveys and advice personalised to you, the property and the local Stanmore area.

Miles Strong
Miles Strong

"I am a specialist chartered surveyor and it's worth knowing that all surveyors are not alike! My additional knowledge of property valuation means that not only am I an expert in diagnosing building defects but can accurately value any property asset for a multitude of purposes.”

Knowing all of the ins and outs of your property investment may help you negotiate the purchase price and plan your future property schedule. We can also advise on planning and extensions, as well as neighbourly disputes, boundary issues and the Party Wall Act."

Our RICS Chartered Surveyors carry out most of the property surveying services you need, whether buying new property or assessing problems in the home you already own.

Miles Strong is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a RICS Registered Valuer. He specialises in all aspects of property valuation, including matrimonial property valuation and can provide a Pre-Purchase Survey Report as well as acquisitions advice and major defects reports.

Building Surveys and Property Services from an experienced Local Surveyor

The suburban district of Stanmore lies in the London Borough of Harrow from the ancient parish of Great Stanmore, including Stanmore Hill, one of the highest points of London at 152 metres.

Stanmore is listed in the Domesday survey and remained a small rural community until the urbanisation of London.

Stanmore is home to several important houses. The 1850 Church of St John was built alongside the ruined buildings of its 1632 predecessor. W S Gilbert (of Gilbert & Sullivan fame) lived at the 1870 country house, Grim’s Dyke, and is buried at St John’s Church in Stanmore. Stanmore was home to an outstation of Bletchley Park, which decoded German Enigma messages during WWII.

The Battle of Britain was controlled from RAF Bentley Priory, a stately home near Stanmore, which is now a museum and nature reserve and home to Mansion House Drive, an exclusive housing development built on the 57-acre estate that boasts exclusive modern properties.

Our variety of building surveys suit every property and budget and along with our team’s extensive knowledge of Stanmore, we can provide comprehensive, quality advice you can trust. We will guide you through your property purchase, doing our best to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Walkie Talkie building and other Offices, in London
Walkie Talkie building and other Offices, in London